Artifrais français
L'Artifrais artichaut emballé

Artifrais, the ready to eat clever artichoke

A young producer had the great idea to develop a ready-cooked and packaged artichoke. He began with market research, which took place over several years and realised that consumers dreaded preparing this original vegetable. He realised that he needed to find a solution that overcame this obstacle.

Artifrais, an artichoke

Artifrais, an artichoke

Artifrais, or how to make artichokes easy to eat

This ingenious farmer is Pascal Roué. He has produced artichokes in Saint-Pol-De-Léon (Finistère, Brittany) for twenty years. He is passionate about this vegetable and has developed a prepared and cooked artichoke, packaged in single packs for sale. An artichoke that is ready to go on the plate: the Artifrais. Pascal Roué has formed a partnership with fresh vegetable company Le Dauphin SAS, which brings its business experience, quality management and logistics expertise to the project.