Artifrais français

Breton excellence
for this ready-cooked artichoke.

Brittany, a land of excellence for Artifrais

The Artifrais currently uses Breton artichokes only. Brittany - Finistère and the Côtes d'Armor in particular - produces almost 80% of all artichokes sold in France. Brittany has many advantages for this crop. First: its climate is favourable, guaranteeing regular watering, no extreme heat and no frost, which is very damaging to artichokes. The land is also important: artichokes love the light Breton soil, rich in humus and well drained. It comes as no surprise that artichokes have been grown here since the 19th century!

Breton know-how is crucial to the Artifrais

Although Breton land is ideal for artichokes to grow, the skill of the men and women of the region enabled its production to boom. The "Golden Belt", an area that follows the northern coast of Brittany, is ideal for growing vegetables and the farmers of this privileged land have not got that wrong. Since the 15th and 16th century, they have developed an undeniable expertise, with farming techniques that are renowned in Europe and around the world.

Commercial and logistical skills

At the tip of Brittany, and Europe, knowing how to grow excellent artichokes is not enough. Knowing how to sell and transport nature's treasure is essential. Brittany has many transport companies, but one stands out: Le Dauphin SAS. Pascal Roué, the artichoke producer behind Artifrais, easily convinced them and they joined the project. Since 1968, Le Dauphin has sold a range of fresh vegetables to its clients, supermarkets, the food industry, wholesalers and importers. The company is specialised in export to European countries. Artifrais is in good hands.

A production and packaging unit specific to the Artifrais

A production
and packaging unit
specific to the Artifrais

Artifrais has a specific production unit
with a quality control laboratory,
steamer and packaging line.
It is based in Saint-Pol-de-Léon (Finistère).

Artifrais, a strong and appropriate concept
for this exceptional vegetable

The idea behind Artifrais is to offer a ready-prepared artichoke, with as much as possible of its original appearance, taste and nutritional quality. To reduce waste for consumers and make them easier to eat, the tips of the leaves are cut, the stem and the choke are removed. If you close your eyes, you will not be able to tell the difference between an Artifrais and an artichoke you have cooked yourself.

Artifrais is sold in a transparent bowl in attractive packaging with all the information for consumers (nutritional value, etc) as well as the store (bar code, etc). It can be sold in the ready-to-eat vegetables section or with salads and sandwiches. It should be kept between +4 and +8°C.

Artifrais, the ready to eat clever artichoke

Artifrais' innovation is also its bowl,
which enables the artichoke
to be seen in the aisle,
fully transparent.